About Me

Paulina Lalanne, that’s me! I’m a 21 year-old girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m 1,50m tall but I have a great voice and many things to tell. I have always been passionate about musical theatre and New York City, and I have always been a big dreamer. I dream about being on Broadway someday! Small girl with big dreams.

I am currently studying Public Relations at UADE, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. And, in January 2017 I’ve decided to commence the most exciting experience of my life. I decided to do a semester abroad at Regent’s Universtiy in central London. I found myself in a new city, with a different language and culture! I felt so… PETITE in London. So… I had two options: to feel small and tiny or to conquer London and feel huge and free. And so, I’ve figured that it was my time to grow and to be independent. I didn’t grow in height, obviously, but I’ve started to get a sense on what I like, what do I want in life, what are my interests and which are my priorities and which ones aren’t.

The Petite Edition will be my place to explore and express my thoughts, experiences and travels. And I would love to take you into this journey with me, where I will be posting about things that catch my attention and will hopefully catch yours too.

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